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Designed for general secretaries, the GS Academy provides the essential knowledge, tools and networks needed to successfully and strategically manage football associations.

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Support to UEFA’s sister confederations

Contributing to the development of football has long been one of UEFA’s central objectives. By establishing a new international programme – known as UEFA Assist– UEFA wishes to increase solidarity and enhance football development to tackle the needs of national associations and confederations outside Europe. The main aim of UEFA Assist is to share knowledge and best practices to help UEFA’s sister confederations develop and strengthen football within their respective territories. Education and knowledge-sharing initiatives form one of the core pillars of UEFA Assist. The programmes presented in this catalogue can be adapted to suit the specific needs of other confederations. Alternatively, a new tailor-made education programme can be created by the UEFA Academy team. The GS Academy, presented below, is one of the programmes created for a UEFA sister confederation. This programme is now part of the UEFA Assist portfolio. 

GS Academy overview

The GS Academy addresses practical issues faced by general secretaries in their daily work. Supported by leading professionals in the football industry and former general secretaries of UEFA’s member associations, the week-long programme provides a platform for participants to discuss current and future challenges faced by football associations and share best practices. All general secretaries attending the programme receive a copy of the UEFA Handbook of Football Association Management and access to the UEFA Toolbox in Football Management, giving them practical tools that will improve their associations’ performance.



Football Governance & Strategy

Day 1

Day 1 of the GS Academy focuses on football governance, guiding participants through the role of a national association, the role and responsibilities of a general secretary, and demonstrating how to create an effective strategy.


Finance & Operational Management

Day 2

Day 2 highlights the importance of financial planning, monitoring and reporting in the morning session. After lunch, the general secretaries learn about team building, operational management and meeting group work.



Marketing, Commercial Operation & Communication

Day 3

Day 3 is all about marketing and revenue generation, as well as the key role of effective communications – especially in crisis situations. Participants also hear from a former general secretary of a UEFA member association, who shares his personal insights into a “day in the life of” a general secretary.


Football Administration

Day 4

On day 4, the attendees learn about player development, player administration and game administration, gaining in-depth insights from industry experts.


Case Study

Day 5

The final day is an opportunity to put the key lessons learned during the week into practice. Participants must complete a detailed and practical case study inspired by everyday challenges faced by general secretaries – an excellent opportunity for them to put their skills and experience to the test!


All participants at the GS Academy receive the UEFA Toolbox in Football Management, a set of practical and essential tools that help general secretaries run their respective national association effectively. The individual tools are designed to be shared with an association’s administrative staff, helping them to work in a more structured and efficient way.



• Comprehensive understanding of current and future challenges faced by associations
• Exchange of best practices between general secretaries
• Broader networks
• Practical tools that will positively impact associations

Quick view

Type of learning:

E-learning Face-to-Face

Estimated hours of learning:


Skills trained:

Soft skills Hard skills



General secretaries


On request

How Long

1 week


At a member association of the host confederation


€10,000 per participant (fees may

be covered by UEFA Assist)

Number of participants

One per member association of the host confederation


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