UEFA Football and Social Responsibility compact course (UEFA FSR compact course)

The UEFA FSR compact course provides state-of-the-art and in-depth knowledge of FSR, facilitating a strategic approach to this issue.

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Programme overview

The FSR compact course is specifically designed to enable FSR practitioners to enhance their knowledge, network and skills, ultimately helping them to better develop FSR practices within their football organisations. This unique course brings together leading academics and FSR experts for the comprehensive and practical five-day learning experience.

Due to the impact of Covid-19, this year the course will be exceptionally delivered online. It will still remain an interactive and informative learning experience. To adapt to the situation, the course length has now been extended to five days. Accepted participants will be told how the course will be carried out online and how to access it.

Important dates
Application deadline
30 Jun2020
Course starts - Online
24 Aug2020


On completion of the UEFA FSR compact course, participants will have:

  • Better understanding of contemporary FSR principles
  • Greater awareness of current FSR trends
  • Acquired skills to develop and implement FSR practices within an organisation
  • Knowledge of good FSR practices in other football organisations
  • Network of fellow FSR practitioners working in or connected to football



FSR practitioners or senior
executives working in national
associations, football clubs and


Annually, starting in autumn

How Long

5 days


Online - participants will connect remotely



Number of participants


Academic certification

Participation certificate,
3 ECTS credits




Applications are open

Application process

To apply for the UEFA FSR compact course, please complete the application form found above and submit it to academy@uefa.ch with a CV by 30 June 2020. In order to apply for the course you need to be an FSR practitioner or senior executive working in a national association, club, league, players' union or another football-related organisation.

The applications will be reviewed by UEFA and the University of St. Gallen with a final decision on the succesful candidates made by mid-July 2020.


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