UEFA on-demand education

Tailored specifically to your needs, UEFA on-demand education is the best training solution for national associations.


We are aware that every organisation has its own specific development needs that may not always be met by generic programmes. Sometimes tailor-made solutions are required. Drawing on the expertise of the European football community, the UEFA Academy designs specific educational sessions and long-term learning programmes – with or without academic certification – according to football associations’ own objectives. This type of customised teaching enables UEFA member associations to pinpoint the key areas that require greater attention and greater understanding. The UEFA Academy offers two ways for national associations to align their staff’s development with their strategies:

  • The UEFA Academy provides advice and support for national associations that want to develop their own education programmes. This can range from providing educational materials for translation into a national language to establishing contact among academic and professional experts in the field.
  • At the request of a national association or other football organisation, the UEFA Academy can create an education programme tailored to specific needs. In coordination with the organisation, the UEFA Academy team examines these needs, creates a suitable programme and helps the organisation to implement it.


• Support and guidance to connect with the right experts based on organisational needs
• Help to develop individual training sessions to enhance employees’ knowledge
• Expertise to overcome challenges
• Support to deliver the best possible training for staff
• Specific educational programmes aligned with the organisation’s strategy