UEFA SLO Education Programme

The SLO Education Programme provides the tools, knowledge and skills needed to tackle the complex challenges of the job.

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Programme overview

The SLO Education Programme was developed in cooperation with SD Europe to offer SLOs the knowledge, skills and tools they need to thrive in this very challenging position. As a modular programme, it can be organised in one workshop of two to four days or two workshops of two days. This flexibility enables national associations to cater to the needs of their local context. Part of the course can be over the weekend to offer part-time SLOs the opportunity to balance it with their professional obligations.

The first day, dedicated to the SLO environment, is mandatory. The host national association can then choose between one and three theme days: communication with stakeholders; working with fans; and SLO soft skills.

Participants are selected by the national association. We recommend a maximum of 12-24 people to ensure the sessions remain interactive and practical. The programme is mostly delivered in the national language to ensure every SLO in the country can benefit from it. Exceptionally, and if requested by multiple national associations, an adapted regional programme can be organised.



The UEFA SLO Education Programme provides:

  • Deeper understanding of the SLO’s role and responsibilities
  • Tools and techniques to work with all stakeholders
  • Strong network of fellow SLOs in the country

What is an SLO?

SLOs act as a bridge between football clubs and supporters, providing a two-way flow of information on key topical issues. They ensure that fans’ voices are heard throughout their favourite club. SLOs work with many different departments, but their expertise focuses on supporters. They need deep insight into their club’s fan culture, but also the ability to establish and maintain trust with a variety of stakeholders, including supporter groups, club staff, the police, transport authorities, and their counterparts at other clubs. Football clubs wishing to compete in European club competitions have been required to appoint an SLO under the UEFA licensing regulations (Article 35) since 2012. Many football associations and leagues have since made the appointment of an SLO a feature of their own domestic licensing process. In recent years, national associations have started to appoint SLOs for their national teams.



Supporter Liaison Officers in clubs and national associations


Several intakes per year

How long

2 to 4 days


Throughout Europe


Covered by UEFA, SD Europe and the host national association

Number of participants

12–24 (recommended)


Certificate of completion


Adapted to the local context


Through National Associations