Women in Football Leadership Programme (WFLP)

The Women in Football Leadership Programme aims to support the careers of women capable of influencing the football industry today and in the future through a powerful leadership training week.

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E-learning Face-to-Face

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Soft skills Hard skills

Programme overview

The Women in Football Leadership Programme is designed for women in football who have the potential and motivation to progress into senior leadership positions within their organisation or are already in such roles. Participants work on and discuss aspects of leadership, while also focusing heavily on selfawareness and how this can support their career development. With the coaching included during the programme week, participants are challenged in both personal and professional aspects. Organised in collaboration with FIFA, the programme also provides a platform for exchange and networking between participants with a rich variety of backgrounds.

Important dates
15 Jun2020


Training week


After completing the WFLP, participants will have:

  • developed a clear understanding of what skills are needed for leadership, and how these are reflected within their own professional characters;
  • an increased level of self-awareness and an understanding of how this benefits their personal and professional goals.
  • extended their network and created strong links with women working in positions of authority in football or ready to step into leadership roles;
  • built additional confidence to set and pursue ambitious career goals and fulfil their potential.

#Time for Action

For the first time in its history, UEFA has launched a dedicated women’s football strategy. It commits UEFA to a five-year strategic framework with the aim of supporting, guiding and lifting both women’s football and the position of women in football across Europe by 2024.

It focuses on building the foundations within UEFA and its member associations to give European women’s football the best possible platform to thrive. UEFA is investing in programmes and initiatives to support a balanced delivery of this plan from grassroots to elite levels. This includes the further development of women who wish to work in football and the implementation of educational, leadership and mentoring programmes to achieve cultural gains and increase opportunities. The Women in Football Leadership Programme is one such programme and we firmly believe that it helps us in our goal to double the number of women on UEFA bodies by 2024. The further integration of women into football will only increase diversity and secure the game’s future.

The UEFA women’s football strategy aims to reach the following goals by 2024:

  • Double the number of women and girls playing football in UEFA’s member associations to 2.5 million.
  • Change the perceptions of women’s football across Europe.
  • Double the reach and value of the UEFA Women’s EURO and the UEFA Women’s Champions League.
  • Improve player standards by reaching standard agreements for national team players and putting safeguarding policies in place in all 55 member associations.
  • Double female representation on all UEFA bodies.



Women in decision-making positions or those with especially potential working in national associations and their stakeholders



How Long

1 week


Nyon and Zürich, Switzerland (in alternance)


€6,700 (covered by UEFA for representatives of European national associations and by FIFA for representatives of other national associations)

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Quick view

Type of learning:

E-learning Face-to-Face

Estimated hours of learning:


Skills trained:

Soft skills Hard skills

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Our partners

IMD Business School, Lausanne, Switzerland

Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)