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UEFA Strategic Communications compact course

The UEFA Strategic Communications compact course is an exclusive programme designed for communications executives committed to deliver communicative excellence through detailed/strategic and innovative content plans.

Programme overview

The UEFA Strategic Communication compact course helps senior communications specialists improve and update their skills in four days of sessions comprising real case studies, practical exercises, best practices and group work. Developed by leading experts, the course helps participants deal with the complexity of devising and delivering effective communication to meet their organisations’ strategic priorities.

It provides key communications specialists with the tools and knowledge they need to enhance their communications plans in a constantly changing and increasingly disruptive environment. Since anticipating crisis management is the key to effective communications when difficult situations occur, this course will also help participants to prepare public responses to crisis scenarios and plot their way through an unfolding football crisis.

The course will place particular emphasis on peer-to-peer learning, where participants will work together and share the different communications practices applied in their various organisations. It will also enable communications practitioners to further develop their networks around Europe, thereby opening the way to future collaboration.

Quick view

Type of learning
E-learning Face-to-Face
Skills Trained
Soft skills Hard skills
Estimated hours of learning


  • Who Senior communications executives
  • When 17 to 20 May 2022
  • How long 4 days
  • Where UEFA HQ
  • Price €3400
  • Number of participants 25
  • Certification Certificate of completion by UEFA Academy
  • Language English

Important dates

  • 10 Jan 2022 Applications open
  • 13 Mar 2022 Applications close
  • 17 May 2022 Programme starts


  • Ability to deal with the complexity of developing and delivering effective communications strategies for your organizations
  • Tools to identify internal and external challenges and to design strategies to manage crisis
  • Best practices to incorporate modern communications tools into your organisation’s daily work
  • Vision to think beyond a narrow football focus, aligning objectives to sustainable goals
  • Developing network of fellow Communications practitioners working in or connected to football.

What our students and experts say

Sander Nanne
"To be part of the first ever UEFA Strategic Communications compact course made me very proud. With big learning, great lessons and outstanding speakers it was really inspiring. And working with enthusiastic colleagues from all over the world gives you great new insights. I can’t wait to put all the knowledge into practice." Sander Nanne, Head of Communications AZ Alkmaar
Elvira Dushku
"I found the UEFA Strategic Compact Course of a particular importance because it has given me the opportunity not only to listen to lectures and share experiences with communication experts, but also to embed the knowledge gained and a new way of thinking into the Kosovo Basketball Federation Communications Strategy, which will take place this year. A communications strategy is designed to help organizations communicate effectively and meet core organisational objectives. I am highly motivated to start sharing all the knowledge I have gained in the course with my colleagues and implement it jointly in the Kosovo Basketball Federation" Elvira Dushku, General Secretary Kosovo Basketball Federation
Ómar Smárason
"The UEFA Strategic Communications compact course was a great one. I felt truly inspired after four packed and really intense days of sharing experiences, working with and learning from colleagues from all over the world. I have taken on board new skills and ideas which I am already implementing at my association. A strategic approach is a must for any organisation that wants to stay focused and have a clear view of where it is heading, in the short term as well as the long term." Ómar Smárason, Head of Communications Football Association of Iceland
Philip Townsend
"We are living in a constantly changing environment using technologies that will continue to alter the way we communicate. This fact is not to be feared, rather to be embraced, supported and enhanced with a structure for ongoing education and training for the most important stakeholders in the PR of football." Philip Townsend, UEFA Communications Director
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