UEFA Certificate in Football Management (UEFA CFM)

The UEFA CFM is the must-have foundation programme for anyone working in a football organisation who wants to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the game is managed.

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Programme overview

The blended learning approach of the UEFA CFM containing a mix of e-learning and face-to-face seminars has been carefully designed in collaboration with a prestigious academic institution and leading experts to ensure a high quality programme.

The UEFA CFM lasts for nine months starting in August 2019 and ending in May 2020 compromises of six online modules as well as three face-to-face seminars. Each module and face-to-face seminar addresses a key area of football management which are necessary for people working within the football industry.

The online modules found within the UEFA CFM are as follows:

  • - the organisation of world football;
  • - strategic and performance management;
  • - operational management;
  • - football marketing and sponsorship;
  • - communication, the media and public relations;
  • - event and volunteer management.

This information is only in relation to the UEFA CFM open edition, for employees from UEFA's 55 member associations looking to participate on the UEFA CFM, please contact your HR department for more information on how to apply.

Important dates
2019 application closes
28 Apr2019
Start of the UEFA CFM
30 Aug2019



Face-to-Face Seminar 1

Introduction to football management

30-31 August 2019
Location: UEFA Headquarters, Nyon
Length: two days

The 1st seminar focuses on the first three modules of the programme. Participants will gain a greater understanding on the organisation and running of world football; the importance for football organisations to undertake strategic management as well as how to effectively manage the different operations of a football organisation.


Online Module 1

The organisation of world football

This module will provide an overview of how the world of football is organised including who are the key stakeholders and the role FIFA plays in governing the game of football.

It particularly focuses on the structure and operations of UEFA including how it organises competitions, represents and regulates European football.


Online Module 2

Strategic performance management

This module takes the participants through the strategic management process and its different elements which are highly important for any football organisation and its strategic plan.

It looks into the analysis of the current situation and external factors affecting a football organisation, the internal analysis and strategic planning as well as concluding with how an organisation should implement its strategy.


Online Module 3

Operational management

This module looks into how a football organisation should effectively manage its operations and resources.

It focuses on four of the main areas of operations for a football organisation; human resources, financial resources, delivering customer satisfaction and designing service operations.

Participants will understand how a football organisation implements, organises and evaluates these four areas of operations.


Face-to-Face Seminar 2

Football marketing & communication

10-11 January 2020
Location: London, United Kingdom
Length: two days

The 2nd seminar focuses on the fourth and fifth modules of the programme. Participants will gain a greater understanding on how football organisations leverage on the marketing and sponsorship environment found across the industry as well as how football organisations communicate and interact with the media, their stakeholders as well as managing their public relations.


Online Module 4

Football marketing & sponsorship

This module is about how a football organisation utilises marketing while leveraging upon sponsorship in order to promote itself and generate higher revenues.

Participants will gain greater knowledge on the particularities that lie within the football marketing landscape and how it differs from other industries.

Moreover, it will be highlighted the importance of capitalising on brand and marketing communications. The module will conclude by looking into which commercial activities provide an opportunity for a football organisation to generate income.


Online Module 5

Communication, the media & public relations

This module will ensure participants better understand the importance of communications both internally and externally for the benefit of a football organisation.

It involves the different communication channels available for an organisation and the need to communicate to relevant stakeholders in the appropriate manner.

Participants will gain a greater understanding of the media operations and activities that should be carried out by a football organisation as well the impact social media is having within the growing digitalisation of the media landscape.


Online Module 6

Event & volunteer management

This module delivers an in depth outlook on how a football organisation manages its events and volunteers.

It takes the participants through the journey on how an event is organised and run, starting off with the conception phase of an event, then the preparation phase, then the even-time operations before finishing off with the legacy and closing of an event.

Within each phase participants will enhance their knowledge on how they are successful implemented and the different resources required.


Face-to-Face Seminar 3

Football event management

8-9 May 2020
Location: UEFA headquarters, Nyon
Length: two days

The 3rd seminar focuses on the oral examinations and the graduation ceremony. Moreover, participants will engage in a practical simulation activity based on the sports and commercial operations of a UEFA Champions League match. The oral examinations are an essential part of the programme and will be based around the assignments and modules studied on the programme.



Graduation Ceremony

The formal graduation ceremony and dinner will take place in the evening of the last day for participants who have successfully completed the UEFA CFM.



A programme for working professionals

The amount of work necessary to complete the UEFA CFM is estimated to be around 300 hours, taking into account approximately four days per online module (including the written assignments). The blended learning approach allows greater flexibility with the workload and thus enables participants to undertake the programme while continuing with their day-to-day job.

The three face-to-face seminars will cover two full-days each, resulting in two to three over-night stays for the participants. The seminars will partially take place over the weekend (Friday/Saturday) and thus limiting the amount of time away from work.

Participants will be graded on the basis of:

  • two written assignments;
  • a final oral exam.


Through completing the UEFA CFM, graduates will have:

  • acquired a comprehensive understanding of the football industry from all angles;
  • strengthened their managerial skills;
  • conducted a managerial analysis of their unit/department/organisation or a football organisation of their choice and provided recommendations;
  • developed a global network in the football industry (over 800 graduates working in the football industry).

Unique features of the UEFA CFM

  • programme organised at UEFA Headquarters and iconic football locations;
  • full involvement of UEFA and experienced UEFA experts in the delivery of the programme;
  • access to unique UEFA material such as UEFA PLAY, the UEFA Handbook in Football Association Management and the UEFA Toolbox in Football Management;
  • programme based on a blended and interactive approach including a simulation, modern e-learning and serious gaming.

Quick view

Type of learning:

E-learning Face-to-Face

Estimated hours of learning:


Skills trained:

Soft skills Hard skills



People working in or connected to the football industry


Start in August 2019

How Long

9 months


1st and 3rd face-to-face seminar at UEFA HQ, Nyon

2nd face-to-face seminar in London


€7,900 (including all programme materials, lunches as well as at least one dinner per seminar)

Number of participants

35 (max)

Academic certification

Certificate of Advance Studies (CAS), 10 ECTS credits




2019 edition applications closed


Our partners

IDHEAP, University of Lausanne, Switzerland