UEFA PLAY is a central online platform for the football community that provides access to a rich and growing database of best practice examples and inspirational content in order to elevate the management of the game.

Platform overview

UEFA PLAY is an online knowledge-sharing platform that provides the chance to fully grasp the importance of football management and to access best practices and presentations on a vast number of subjects. Event management, match operations, law, marketing, communication and football development are just a few of the expert areas examined. The user-friendly platform is easy to navigate and offers fast access to reliable information and quick tips.

Upon request, a dedicated section can be created for a national association and its stakeholders on UEFA PLAY. National sections give access to all the content available on the platform and allow to share exclusive content with the national association’s employees and stakeholders. This service gives UEFA member associations the opportunity to have a ready to use online platform to develop knowledge sharing.


UEFA PLAY provides access to:

  • Access to examples of managerial best practices
  • Practical solutions to problems or necessary first steps for new initiatives in a variety of areas
  • A platform to share information and resources with national association staff and stakeholders



All staff and elected officials of football organisations (national associations and their stakeholders)


Throughout the year; the platform is updated on a monthly basis




Free access