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UEFA EURO On-Site Experience Programme

The UEFA EURO On-Site Experience Programme offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the organisation of one of the largest sporting events in the world from the inside.

Programme overview

The UEFA EURO On-Site Experience Programme comprises tours, presentations and visits, giving participants an insider’s view of operations at a major sporting event. Participants will hear presentations by leaders in various functional areas, such as hospitality, TV and media, technical services, accreditation and commercial operations. The programme gives participants the opportunity to explore key areas of interest and have their questions answered by the main UEFA and LOS (local organising structure) stakeholders.

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Type of learning
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  • Who Individuals with a background or interest in event management, keen on learning about the operational undertakings of a major tournament
  • When *Online as of May 2024 *On-site in Berlin from 4 to 6 July 2024
  • How Long 2 months online learning 3 days on-site experience
  • Where Online modules followed by on-site experience in Berlin at a UEFA EURO 2024 quarter-final
  • Price €3,200 (including accommodation and meals )
  • Number of participants 30 (max.)
  • Certification Certification of completion by the UEFA Academy
  • Language English
  • Inclusivity, Diversity and Parent Support We welcome all participants from diverse backgrounds and cultures, recognising the unique value that diversity brings to our community. If you have any uncertainties about meeting specific programme criteria, we encourage you to reach out to us. in addition, the UEFA Academy is aware of the challenges parents of young children can be facing when perusing continuous education. Should you believe it could be an obstacle to your education journey, contact us to learn more about the support the UEFA Academy can offer in that regard.

Important dates

  • 04 Jul 2024 Programme starts


  • The chance to see behind the scenes at UEFA’s largest event, UEFA EURO 2024
  • A multi-perspective, in-depth look at football event operations
  • Opportunities to network with UEFA stakeholders and other participants


1. Online Module 1 Inside UEFA

By the end of this module, you should have a comprehensive understanding of UEFA, encompassing its role in world football, the scope and nature of its competitions, the historical foundations that shaped it, insights into its organisational structure, and a grasp of the key strategic elements driving UEFA’s initiatives.

This knowledge will empower you to navigate the intricate landscape of one of the most influential football organisations globally.

Online Module 1
2. Online Module 2 Inside UEFA EURO 2024

Upon completing this module, you will gain knowledge about the origins of the UEFA EURO, understand the vision and mission behind UEFA EURO 2024, and acquire key facts pertaining to the event.

Additionally, you will be familiar with the distinctive features of the UEFA EURO 2024 brand logo and slogan.

Online Module 2
3. Online Module 3 UEFA EURO 2024: A united, sustainable tournament

Upon completion, you’ll grasp UEFA EURO 2024’s goal to unite Europe sustainably.

You’ll also be familiar with its three ESG pillars and measures ensuring an eco-friendly, inclusive tournament emphasising diversity, solidarity, well-being, and good governance.

Online Module 3
4. Online Module 4 UEFA EURO 2024 orientation: Your guide to key locations during the tournament

Welcome to this module on your guide to key locations in a UEFA EURO 2024 host city.

By the module’s end, you’ll comprehend key operational areas, be familiar with crucial stadium locations, and have knowledge about key areas surrounding the host city.

Online Module 4
5. Match Day -2 (04.07.2024) Welcome and Introduction to the UEFA EURO 2024 Tournament

Participants will schedule their travel to arrive to Berlin in the early afternoon.

In the second part of the day a Welcome Meeting will be organised where the participants will meet programme organisers.

An “Introduction to the Tournament” Meeting will kick-off the EURO 2024 On-Site Experience. The evening will culminate with the welcome dinner in the buzzing city of Berlin.

Match Day -2 (04.07.2024)
6. Match Day-1 (05.07.2024) Day at the Olympia Stadium in Berlin and quarter-final match preparations

Participants will have an exclusive and unique opportunity to observe the behind the scenes of the quarter-final match preparations in the Olympia Stadium in Berlin and real-time UEFA EURO 2024 operations.

The “Day at the Stadium” will include, but is not limited to: exclusive stadium tour, hospitality and lounges tour, visit to the media center and broadcast compound, visit to the player’s rooms and the pitch. Subject-matter experts will explain in detail the processes of how various areas are organised and managed: hospitality production, media services and operations, broadcast, technical services and overlay, commercial operations, ticketing, access and accreditation, venue management, volunteer management, and many more.

Participants will share a convivial lunch at staff bistro. Later in the evening, participants will have the opportunity to exchange their impressions of the day and to network during a dinner in Berlin city center.

Match Day-1 (05.07.2024)
7. Match Day (06.07.2024) Host City Programme and UEFA EURO 2024 Quarter-Final Match

Participants will experience and will dive deeper into the organisation of the tournament from the Host City perspective. The following topics will be presented and discussed by subject-matter experts: event communication, host city plans and mobility, transport and fan zone management. A tour of the official UEFA EURO 2024 Berlin Fan Zone will be included in the programme.

There will be some free time planned during this day before the match, so that participants can enjoy the city atmosphere for a few hours or simply take some rest before the big match!

Dinner will be planned in the center of Berlin, and from there participants will be guided to the stadium, taking the fans’ route to enjoy the one in a lifetime UEFA EURO 2024 quarter-final match experience!   

Match Day (06.07.2024)
8. Match Day+1 (07.07.2024) Departures

Participants can plan their travel to depart from Berlin at a convenient time or to enjoy the city in their own pace for one more day.

Match Day+1 (07.07.2024)

What our experts say

Alexander Deutmarg
"The stage will be set for Germany to create a fresh chapter of football history with UEFA EURO 2024. UEFA EURO has the power to unite fans, to embrace and promote diversity and to celebrate inclusion. Football is for all: all cultures and countries; all ages and backgrounds. In 2024, everyone is invited to Germany to create a spectacular celebration of football and unity. By participating in the UEFA EURO 2024 onsite experience programme, you will be able to experience the operations behind this world-renowned stage." Alexander Deutmarg Head of Event Support, UEFA EURO 2024
Adrian Feller
"The UEFA EURO On-Site Experience Programme is a great opportunity to gain an overall understanding of what UEFA’s events look like from an operational standpoint. It also provides an opportunity to analyse UEFA’s operations and experiences, so as to improve operations at your own events or establish best practices for sporting events." Adrian Feller Senior Event Workforce Manager, UEFA Events SA
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